19 Settembre 2018

Ninja 300 Fender Fairings Removal

okay we’re going to attempt to take off the rear pharynx this is if you’re trying to do anything with a fender eliminator or anything in the back that you need the fat fenders off first thing you’re going to want to do take off this side panel right here under the seat so you’ll need the small allen wrench that came with your kit already loosen mine up so you don’t have to go through the agony of watching me do that you take that out now all you’ll need to do is pop this little guy out you have to be very gentle you massage these out you don’t yank on them there’s just plastic people I mean they’re not plastic people they’re they’re just plastic piece okay so we’re gonna do massage it out pull down on a little bit like so okay start it out there you go see that’s your plunders and your plunger yeah now what I like to do you just take that bolt that I just got out of it and place it on it and put it on the blanket.

okay all right so now what we want to do is you want to locate the bolt that holds a seat on which is right here and how are you going to take that off if you want to use your large allen wrench that came with your kids in the back of your bike all right now what we’re going to do is we’re going to lift up on the seat and we’re so slightly obviously you would do that bolt on both sides of the bike ,cheap motorcycle fairings,I hope you already know that so once we’ve taken it off both sides lift it up slightly see if I can do this with one hand and push back on it you’ll be able to do this easier because you’ll have two hands anyway it’s just a it’s just a gliding back so down a swooping motion and I’ll show you why these two little clamps right here right here clamp right there okay so take your seat off put it on a blanket best place for all right now as you can see here see these little rubbers you want to make sure they are just like this on the outside nice and smooth on the outside all the way around it okay you see .

I’m missing one here this one here that’s another day okay now we want to do you want to take out these quick rivets you’re just punching in inside of these quick rivets like that punch it in if you don’t want to ruin your nails then you can take your allen wrench see the center help it down into the box same thing another inch pipe it down until it pops I think so go down to a box dope it down to the pumps alright so then what you want to do just pick them out and there you go just like that okay and there are four here so take all four of these out two three four just make sure you do not drop them inside the bike that can I help you drop them inside alright so now what are you going to you is this little guy has two plungers here one here one here alright but we’re not taking it off ,r6 fairings,yet I don’t know what I was just thinking you’re not taking this off yet you’re leaving this you have to take this five out first all right and you want to take your 8-millimeter suck it right tighty lefty me okay and take that out looks can be deceiving okay take that out and then we do have up top you have this here this will require your small allen wrench put it in your pocket okay now those are off you do have some plungers.

I’ll try to remember where they are but at least you’ll see where they are so okay see you’ll start to pop out actually really easily see if I can zoom out so you can see this pops out really easily just like that and there are your three plungers one two three okay so I’m going on this Ferenc get a plunger here and there and there okay one two three put your pairing on blanket like so now you want to take off the other fare from the other side and you’ll use your eight millimeter now that I have this hand free there’s a plunger here there’s a plunger here and there’s a plunger here okay take out your ear take it out put it in the pocket you’ve already got everything off so all you’re doing is popping them out popping out into plungers okay careful now you remember your bike is on a kickstand so if you’re yanking on the bike guys want to yank everything don’t you put your bike over okay all of this will be in vain sounds like you break it okay fold it off pull it apart plunger them yeah if you watch the other video and I was trying to explain about the plenary issue that I had this is the plunger issue the the seal on this is bad so Thank You Kawasaki dick you’ll okay so this is what it looks like yeowch that’s a bad one but you’ll have to do for now it’s alright so if you get a bad one use them that’s all you got right it’s a big fat side to that there’s a small side and there’s a big side small side goes on the inside okay big fat side goes on the outside now these are your fairings homes so you want to make sure that you’re the home for your fairing is nice and squishy put it into place really good ok this is where your fairing cliff you want to make sure you provide ample room for them.

okay I don’t want anything popping off all right two guesses where this goes don’t like it okay no now you’ve got this one and you’ll see these blenders are pretty easy to see you got one there you’ve got one here here and here okay this bike is pretty pretty simple I’ve got two sides to the bike everything has two sides so big all right now you’re back parents are off the bike yeah it looks like so now you can get to anything you need to get to in here here battery if you need to get to your battery you just unscrew this right here this is on a rotator can you see it it goes right there this pulls back and it gives you access to your positive on your bike and obviously your negative is over here under this use your lights wiring and your taillight wiring okay now lights and blinkers if you get a kit ,r1 fairings,they’ll tell you exactly which one to which I don’t want tell you the wrong thing so anyway wirings pretty that’s it that’s how you undo it if you are doing a fender eliminator and you’re replacing the flasher from the stock one that they have for you and you’re putting a flasher on this is where it is you just replace it it’s really simple you just take the old one off with the new one on it doesn’t get any simpler than that okay and that’s it any questions you can either a PM me I am Brian seven seven zero one on the forum so there you go the forum I guess most of you know but I guess there might be a few that don’t know Kawasaki Ninja 300 comm is the forum that’s where we live so hit me up anytime you want to any questions okay thanks you

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