4 Marzo 2018

crashed R6, are chinese fairings good

I’ll try again focus how do you not focus okay so I bought a Oh to Yamaha r6 it was dropped not hard but dropped the fairings are beat-up the exhaust is missing he kept some parts keys a bit of an idiot but I’ll show it to you and I’m going to be rebuilding it I’m going to fill most much in a film as much as I can rebuilding it so you guys can see what’s entailed in rebuilding a bike which is tricky because bikes are dangerous more so than cars like if a wheel falls off a car there’s a chance you’ll live wheel falls off a bike you’re not going to live depending on how fast you’re going but you get it so so I’ve already removed the box of junk bearing screws what else on it I have the headlight still the guy lost the clutch stur which is really weird there’s an exhaust that is not for this that one there.

I love how that’s where that goes it runs and drives fine tanks dentist so I’ve already purchased most of the parts and you front tire two front tires punched yeah bowled so I’ve already purchased I already purchased like 95% of the parts I say so I said the problem is I bought half of them from China as one does when he’s trying to save money so it’s probably give you a month before ,yamaha r1 fairings,I get the parts but there’s some little things I can do now like I can chop up that Kawasaki exhaust and I can make it fit I can practice my TIG welding which I’m not fantastic at but yeah I got to clear up my garage first the problem is I can’t even clear my garage because I I smoked my back on something and I broke two of my ribs so I can do hardly anything first couple my – is impossible even to sleep so there’s that but yeah so that’s the next thing come cuz ah the unboxing of the chee nays are six variants we shall see if they’re any good skeptical that’s a pretty quick say three four weeks see for instance this compares in fact you just got home for one to the other side in your plastic all around I think but the casting looks fine it’s smooth correct dimensions for the most part for some kite around the edges it’s not clean properly but then your selfie okay anyway please go somewhere on the bike okay now I’d be able to read the Winkie it does even mothers so I got one of these for no reason.

I guess I gotta sell it even comes with the windshield because tinted not blacked fire fire well the wait twenty bucks soon as I got to say now moment of truth this rear front you’ll see the finish is a little scuffed up no terrible oh I don’t see any reason why that couldn’t be polished this is a rear no front no yes rear rear put it in the readers want to paint that’s one with that I think it’s missing a gamma Haulover yeah tail election underneath that that is painted and that’s fire it’s got a good finish really good finish couple aspects of dirt in it but I definitely couldn’t do better not bad one time it this will be the front yeah this is a story it looks good because this is Matt it’s not cleared over top but that looks pretty good definitely painted them that’s fire it’s up here where you choose down here to fill the data pick up here juju juju juju JH to go forth and tilt so that’s cool ask here yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s where it goes then you cool think I just stretch it at the tail section and what’s professor the upper this ah victory yeah see that’s nice I love you can you really complain $600 like where they see a factory twice for unit it’s fired your cheap is all hell this is 600 hours Katie and shift I don’t I don’t know how the hell they do that child labor it is it and I don’t two key words it it fit okay ,cbr 500r fairings,so like this that’s the color combo that’s going to look cool you can I eat hardware yeah that’s definitely cool the Chinese fenders may experience ha ha ha side in the nose let me cut papers ha honestly .

I think I don’t like to keep me the windshield and this the tank pad I that’s freaking awesome ok invite these pack as well damaged how much would this cost of that would make this 500 stadium matches document this is picked over that’s cool as it should be paints good dude,cheap motorcycle fairings, we’re going it fits do it lit looks good Finland looks real good that’s pretty cool some mounting brackets are all the air so if you’re listening instead of sending the tank pad and the wind chills I would rather you swing the hardware but whatever hardware is not expensive air-cool so I will film putting it on it will be epic

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